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Starting tomorrow we’re discounting 50% off all single print sales for the whole of November as a THANK YOU to all our lovely couples for asking us to be involved in your day so now’s the time to get them off those disc’s, onto some walls & maybe under some Christmas trees?

(We said it! We said the C-word! It’s almost Nov, so it’s allowed.)

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Andrew & Joanna’s Edinburgh Elopement • Pentland Hills, Scotland

elopement edinburgh32



Joanna & Andrew reached out to us a little over a year ago to tell us about their plans for eloping in Scotland from L.A. We always knew it was going to be a relaxed stylish wedding to photograph but nothing prepared us for truly how great it would be to meet these two & capture this intimate moment for them. With a little rambling we discovered some amazing spots in the Pentland Hills just outside Edinburgh & an incredible location topped off with a Independent Humanist service’s by none other than my own mum made for something pretty extra special.


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